Alice in Wonderland is an animated film adaptation directed by Richard Trueblood based on th
1988-Alice in Wonderland
e novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


A little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes named Alice is sitting all alone by a peaceful river under a tree, reading a book entitled The Principles of Logical Calculus.'She stopped reading,and decided that she simply cannot read any more. She claimed that she was so bored and quite sick of being stuck in that"horrible place", as she referred to her own beautiful outdoor garden. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Alice spotted a white rabbit dashing by on a hill. Finding nothing more to do, she chases the rabbit. However, she soon discovered that this isn't an ordinary white rabbit- this white rabbit can talk, is wearing a waistcoat, and is carrying a pocket watch! The rabbit was in a great hurry and was frantically muttering how late he is. Curious to know what he was late for, Alice followed the White Rabbit to his rabbit-hole, which just so happened to be underneath a bush. As Alice looks down into the rabbit-hole and remarks how big it is, she suddenly tripped into it and found herself falling down, down, down, down into the deep rabbit-hole, screaming all the while. Luckily, she ballooned her dress out, and she began to float. She gently floated past several cupboards, bookshelves, mirrors, cuckoo clocks, and other household objects that were filling the sides of the well. "How curious!" she remarked to herself. Alice then took down a glass jar from a bookshelf as she passed. The jar was labeled 'Orange Marmalade', her favorite, but it was completely empty, much to her disappointment. She put the jar on one of the shelves as she floated past it. As she fell even deeper down, Alice stated that this was quite a deep rabbit-hole, and she wondered if she shall fall right through the other side of the world, and meet people who walk with their heads downwards. Finally, she gently landed to her feet in a weird place called Wonderland. She then spotted the White Rabbit running down a long passageway. She raced as fast as she could after him, begging for him to wait, but lost him in a long, dimly lit hall that was surrounded by many doors. She tried to open each door, but found that they were all locked. Suddenly, she came across a glass table which wasn't there before. On the table is a small golden key, and she tried the key in every door, but it was too small and it didn't fit any of the doors. As she decided to drop her pursuit of the White Rabbit and forget about all about him, Alice all of a sudden noticed a little door which she hadn't seen before in the hall. She tried the golden key in the little door's lock, and to her delight it fitted. She opened the door, looked through the doorway, and found what is the most loveliest garden she had ever seen. There were birds singing sweet songs, there were bright flowers, and there were several cooling fountains. In the distance, Alice saw a very strange race going on, called a caucus race. As Alice watched in interest, a snail won the race and defeated all of the other animals. Alice tried to get through the little door, but she was too big. Suddenly, she noticed a glass bottle that is filled with pink liquid has just magically appeared on the table. A paper label that says, "DRINK ME" was tied with thread around the neck of the bottle, and Alice wondered if it was poison or not. The bottle was not marked 'poison', so she drank every last drop of the bottle's liquid. She found it absolutely delicious-(it had a scrumptious mixed flavor of cherry tart, custard, pineapple, and toffy.) After drinking from the bottle, Alice suddenly found herself shrinking down to an extremely small height, much to her shock. However, she realized that she was now just the right size to go through the little door and into the beautiful garden. As she tries to open the little door, she finds that it is locked again. She also discovers that she has forgotten all about the golden key, which she left on the table. She was much too small to reach the key. Sad, Alice sat down and sobbed bitterly. Her eye then fell upon a small box lying underneath the table. She opened it and found inside a pink cookie that is labeled "EAT ME" in dark pink icing. She decided to eat it, because if she got larger, then she could reach the key, and if she got smaller, then she could crawl under the little door. She ate a little bit, but she remained the same size, and nothing happened. So she ate another bite, and she grew so gigantic that her head struck against the ceiling. Now she was tall enough to reach the key on the table, but she was so colossal that now she surely couldn't get into the beautiful garden. Frustrated, she began to cry, and her huge tears formed a large pool that reached halfway down the hall. Once she stopped sobbing, she saw the White Rabbit trotting along in a great hurry in the hallway, remarking how savage the Duchess will be if he kept her waiting. She timidly says, "If you please, sir," to the White Rabbit. Frightened by her giant size, the White Rabbit scurried away, leaving his pair of white kid gloves behind. Alice picked up the gloves, but immediately found herself shrinking rapidly again. She wondered what was making that happen, and instantly realized that the gloves were making her shrink. She hastily dropped them to avoid being going out altogether. Alice could get into the beautiful garden now at her current height, but unfortunately, the little door was shut tight again, and the key was lying on the glass table as before. As she contemplates on busting the door down, Alice suddenly slips and splashes right into salty water. She first thought she slipped into the sea, but then realized that this was the ocean of tears that she had cried when she was a giant in size.

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