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Alice in Wonderland is a Soviet audio concert (also - disk concert or musical fairy tale) released in 1976 by the state-owned "Melodiya" company. All the songs and music for them were written by the famous Soviet poet, musician and singer Vladimir Vysotsky.


Alice thinks the world around her is too boring and monotonous. She gets tired of reading books without pictures and playing with her cat. Alice dreams of being somewhere where everything is different, and begs her good friend Charles Dodgson (whom she calls "Dodo") to take her there with him. Carroll begins to tell her a story, which at the same moment begins to happen in reality. Alice sees a White Rabbit, runs after it into a hole and falls into a well. Lewis Carroll, although not being around, continues to talk to her.

Thinking about how people live on the other side of the Earth, Alice finds herself in the land of the Antipotes. At the same time, it turns out that for them she walks upside down, and outraged by such inappropriate behavior, the woman calls the government. They are trying to arrest Alice for "not standing on her foots", because for them anyone who stands incorrectly is an "anti-foot". Alice runs away from them and finds herself back in the well. She promises Carroll that she won't run away from him anymore.

Alice lands in a pile of fallen leaves (Carroll says he came up with this because he loved jumping into such piles as a child). She tries to catch up with the Rabbit, but instead finds herself in a hall with many doors. Carroll pretends to be offended by Alice for her indiscretion (She should have thought before jumping into the hole!) and refuses to help her (in fact, he stays by her side).

Behind the smallest door there is a passage to the magic garden, but Alice cannot go there because she is too tall. On the table Alice finds a bottle with the inscription "drink me". After making sure that there is no inscription "poison" on the bottle on the other side, Alice taste it. She gets smaller, but forgets to take the key from the table and can't open the door again. Under the table, she finds a box of cakes with "eat me" written on them in raisins. Without thinking, she eats cakes and becomes so big that she sticks her head into the ceiling.

She sees no way out of the situation and starts crying, but stops when she sees a Rabbit. Rabbit scolds her for increasing too fast and runs away, dropping the fan. Alice tries to remember something from the school curriculum, but everything goes wrong. She thinks she has turned into Mary Ann (who combines two characters from the book - Mabel and Mary Ann and has more negative character traits, like gluttony and laziness. In addition, it is mentioned that she is a snitch. Alice calls her "the nastiest Mary in the world". Only Carroll feels sorry for Mary Ann because "she studies lessons until night and can't learn anything, and she doesn't even have time to play with dolls").

Alice doesn't notice that she's gets smaller because of the Rabbit's fan she picked up until Carroll prompts her. She throws away the fan and is about to go to the magic garden, but falls into the sea of her tears. Alice thinks she can get to the train station (because there is always a train station next to the sea!), but she can't find the shores (because girl's tears have no shores!).

Alice tries to find an ice floe or a kind dolphin, but finds only Mouse. She tries to start a "small talk" with a Mouse, but accidentally utters a phrase in French "Ou est ma chatte?" (eng. "Where is my cat?"), the meaning of which she doesn't know. Mouse gets scared and tries to escape from Alice. Alice tries to continue the talk and tell Mouse about her cat Dinah and the neighbor's terrier, but only makes it worse.

Curious creatures begin to fall into the sea, and together with Alice and Mouse get out to shore. Among them is the old pirate Lory with a rich biography, Ataka Grizzly (famous writer on fence), her friend Eaglet, Duck and Lewis Carroll in the guise of a dodo bird. Alice says she can catch a cold if she doesn't dry out quickly. Mouse is trying to tell a lecture about the Russian Emperor Peter I the Great (because lecture is the driest thing she know), but Lory constantly interrupting her with questions. Naturally, everyone stays wet. Carroll offers Caucus-race. Everyone starts running around in a circle without any rules. The winner is the one who dries up (Alice notices that then everyone will win and Carroll replies that it's wonderful). Suddenly Alice finds herself alone in an unknown place.

At the same time, a White Rabbit runs past Alice and mistakes her for his maid Mary Ann. He demands to bring him gloves and a fan. Alice is finally convinced that she is Mary Ann. She quickly finds the Rabbit's house (the sign next to it says "W. Rabbit"). Before entering the house, she asks Carroll to write a book about her adventures. Carroll promises that he will write a book.

Alice quickly finds Rabbit's gloves and fan next to which there is another bottle, but without inscriptions. The bottle says "Drink me" (It's a talking bottle). Alice drinks the potion and grows to such a size that she barely fits in the room. At this time, the Rabbit returns and tries to get into his house, but Alice blocked the door with her elbow. The rabbit threatens to "tear off the ears" of Mary Ann (that is, Alice), and she, angry, grabs and throws him into a greenhouse with cucumbers. Jim the frog and Bill the Lizard come to the rescue of the Rabbit (whom they call "the owner"). Bill tries to get into the house through the chimney, but Alice throws him up with her foot, he flies out into the chimney and lands on the greenhouse.

Rabbit, Bill and Jim are thinking how to remove Alice from the house, offer to raise the roof or burn the house. As a result, they start throwing stones at the window, which begin to turn into magic cakes on the fly. Alice eats one such cake, gets smaller and runs away from the Rabbit's house into the forest.

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