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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is an action adventure video game released in 2010. Disney Interactive Studios announced on July 23, 2009, that a video game based on the film would be released in the same week as the film for the Wii, Nintendo DS and Windows PC, with the soundtrack being composed by veteran video game music composer Richard Jacques. The Wii, DS, and PC versions were released on March 2, 2010.


In this game, the player will able to use McTwisp-The White Rabbit, Mallymkun-The Dormouse, Thackery Earwicket-The March Hare, Tarrant Hightopps-The Mad Hatter and Chessur-The Cheshire Cat. The player can only have 4 health points. The player can collect gem-like orbs called Ideas. If the player is defeated, the player will be revived but at the cost of some Ideas. Ideas can be used to purchase combat skills. The player must first get a Chess piece to make the combat skills purchasable. on the Wii, there can be up to four players.


  • McTwisp the White Rabbit and Mallymkun are the first characters unlocked. He attacks using his watch and his special ability is to Freeze Time which can be used to stop spinning Treasure Chests and enemies. He can also rejuvenate flowers and repair clocks to gain Ideas. He can also make Red Knights move back into their vortex.
  • Mallymkun and McTwisp the White Rabbit are the first characters unlocked. She attacks using her pin-like sword and has no ability, but she has more combat skills than the other characters. She can sweep her enemies and make them fall off, then she can use her Finishing Move by jump and pierce her enemies down.
  • The March Hare is the second character unlocked before fighting the Bandersnatch. He attacks by throwing plates, sometimes teapots after several attacks. His special ability is Telekinesis which allows him to move objects as he desires. His ability can be used to throw rocks, move up walls, and pull up hidden Tresure Chests.
  • The Mad Hatter is the third character unlocked as the player comes to his Mad Tea Party at the Windmill. He attacks using a sword and his ability is Perspective, which he can combine things and visualize pictures into real by seeing them in different ways. He also can crush enemies with his perspective ability. He can also sweep his enemies similar to Mallymkun.
  • Chessur the Cheshire Cat is the fourth and last character unlocked as the player has arrived at Salazum Grum. He attacks by scratching his enemies, sometimes with kicking and his ability is Invisibility which he uses to make himself invisible and make other objects invisible. He can Back Stab his enemies by striking at their backs (he can pass through enemies using his Invisibility). The player can extend his Invisibility duration by unlocking it.

Although in the Nintendo DS version, things are slightly different:

  • McTwisp is the first character to be unlocked, using his pocket watch as a weapon and Time as his special ability. When a blue object is sighted, the Time ability allows him to can make time fast-forward into the future, go back to the past, pause the item (if its moving), or make it move (if it is paused). He can also make Red Knights move slower, and double jump.
  • Absolem the Caterpillar is the second character to be unlocked, having Gravity as his special ability. Absolem's Gravity ability allows him to float up to the sky or fall down to the ground when around a green mist. He can also charge into Red Knights, and form a bridge for Alice to cross when needed.
  • Chessur the Cheshire Cat is the third character to be unlocked. He attacks by scratching or whipping his tail toward the enemy while his special ability, Invisibility, allows him to make objects appear or disappear/make them invisible. He can also jump from wall to wall to get to unreachable places (keep in mind the player cannot have Chessur lift Alice from too high above).
  • The Mad Hatter is the fourth and final character to unlock, attacking with a sword and using his special ability: Perspective. In order to use Perspective, the player must find an orange hat floating. With the Hatter, he can warp Alice and himself onto the other side of wherever the player is. He can also smash Red Knights onto the ground doing a one hit K.O. (in most cases) and can sprint from place to place rather quickly.


  • Red Knights are the most common enemy encountered through the game. They strikes using a heart-shaped javelin. They were dressed in red armor. When you attack them, their armor will fell off piece by piece and they were defeated after all piece if their armor fell off. They are also a non-combatant Red Knight, they didn't attack the player but instead they try to kidnap Alice and will bring her to the Heart Vortex in such speed.
  • Red Archers are encountered later in the game. They attack using crossbows with heart-shaped arrows. They can also attack using his crossbow to knock back the player.
  • Red Berserker are heavy Red Knights. They attack using a heart-shaped axe. Their helmets are shaped like rhinoceros and they have extra armor than regular Red Knight. They deal heavy damages, don't forget to dodge!
  • Mosquitoes are large insects with incredible high speed. They attack by stinging their enemies. The player must use The White Rabbit to Freeze them and attacks them.
  • Badger Lizards, or Toves, are unique animals, across between a lizard and a badger, they live in the Red Desert. Their legs and tail are shaped like lizards, but their face and body are shaped like badgers, with their nose shaped like a corkscrew.
  • The Bandersnatch is the first boss of the game. It attacks by striking with it's claw and bite enemies down. It also attacks by charging at enemies. When it's charging, the player must use The White Rabbit to freeze it. Then use The March Hare to lift up the pillar and make it crash. Then it will be unconscious, the player can strike it in this chance. After the third time, Mallymkun will strike and poke it's eye off, it will rage and then flee.
  • Stayne is the second boss of the game. He attacks using his red sword. The player must distract him and traps him on a cage. As he tries to escape, he trips, and his sword fell. In this chance, the player must make the sword invisible with Cheshire Cat. He will rage and draw up his twin sword. In this time the player can damage him. The player must repeat the same thing, on the second time the player must use The March Hare's Telekinesis to throw a rock at him as he escaped. On the third time, he rages and break the cage with spinning attack. The player must attract him to a pole near the Bandersnatch cage. As he strikes, his sword will stuck on the pole. The player must use The March Hare again to throw a javelin at the Bandersnatch. As the Bandersnatch rage, it will kick him, throwing his sword away. The player must make the sword invisible immediately and attack him.
  • The Jabberwock is the final boss of the game. The player must trap him with the building's remains, using The March Hare's Telekinesis ability. When it is trapped, the player must assist Alice on getting on top of the destroyed building. And then, as Alice reaches the top, she will kill the boss.


  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum are one of the supporting characters on the game. They will give quest to player and as the reward, they will give sack full of Ideas.
  • The Dodo is one of the supporting character. He appears between the doors to Nowhere, Snud, and Queast, giving hints to the player.
  • Green Pigs, or Mome Raths are non-combatant creatures in Underland. The Tweedies give the player a quest to defeat all the Green Pigs on their journey to The Mad Hatter's Mad Tea Party.
  • Borogroves are non-combatant creatures in Underland.