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Alice in Wonderland Jr. is a stage play preformed by elementary school and high school students. It was most recently performed by SA15 theatre company at carmathenshire's Theatre Elli in Wales. User cyberbarber portrayed The Dodo.


On a perfect summer day in the park, Alice daydreams while her sister Mathilda lectures from a book and children play games nearby ("Alice in Wonderland/In a World of My Own"). A White Rabbit suddenly hurries past Alice, who follows him to the edge of his hole, anxious to know where he is going ("I'm Late!"). She ponders Mathilda's advice before jumping into the dark tunnel and encountering many strange creatures on the long way down ("Very Good Advice"). Alice lands in front of a talking door, but is too big to follow the White Rabbit through it. The Doorknob counsels Alice to drink from a bottle then eat a cookie, which makes her shrink and grow. After a good cry, Alice shrinks small enough to swim through the keyhole.

On the other side, Wonderland creatures race in circles ("The Caucus Race"). The White Rabbit suddenly reappears and leads Alice into twin jabbering clowns, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who teach her some manners ("How D'ye You Do and Shake Hands"). Alice escapes the Tweedles and offers to fetch the White Rabbit's gloves from inside his house. She sneaks a bite of a cookie inside and grows very large, getting stuck in the house. As the White Rabbit prepares to burn down his house, Alice eats a carrot from his garden, shrinks very small and hides among a patch of rude flowers ("The Golden Afternoon"). A bubble-blowing Caterpillar tries to cheer her up with a song ("Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah") and a cookie, which returns her to a normal size. The Cheshire Cat directs Alice to the Mad Hatter's tea party - a wild game of musical chairs ("The Unbirthday Song").

Alice follows the White Rabbit to the Royal Rose Garden, where the Royal Cardsmen busily redecorate ("Painting the Roses Red"). The evil Queen of Hearts storms in and orders the Cardsmen's heads chopped off ("Painting the Roses Red - Reprise"). The Queen refuses to let Alice leave until she plays a game of Simon Says. Alice wins, making the Queen even angrier. The King of Hearts suggests a trial for Alice, but ridiculous witnesses only make matters worse. The Queen orders the Royal Cardsmen to chop off Alice's head. Alice defends herself against her accusers and reaffirms her identity ("Whooooo Are Youuuuu?"). Back in the park with Mathilda, Alice wakes up from her dream, but discovers the White Rabbit's watch in her pocket ("Alice in Wonderland - Finale, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - Bows").

Characters (in order)[]

  • Small Alice
  • Tall Alice
  • Mathilda
  • Flowers