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The Armored Cards are The Red Queen's minions in Alice in Wonderland. All of the cards in this version are the same color same, suit and battle hardened.

Alice in Wonderland[]

Each Armored Card resembles one of the following playing cards:

  • Ace of Hearts
  • 2 of Hearts
  • 3 of Hearts
  • 4 of Hearts
  • 5 of Hearts
  • 6 of Hearts
  • 7 of Hearts
  • 8 of Hearts
  • 9 of Hearts
  • 10 of Hearts

During the final battle scene, they fight the Armoured Chess Pieces. Like the Armored Cards, the Armored Chess Pieces are all the same color. Ironically, they despise the Red Queen (though this is not known until later in the movie) and their loyalty to her is solely because she was the ruler at the time, the instant she loses the crown their will to fight for her ceases; one of the soldiers (after the final battle, in which the Red Queen was overthrown) called the Red Queen "Bloody Big Head" (an insulting name that the Red Queen despises being called).