Blood Dupre
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue

Blood Dupre is a moody, snarky young man who looks exactly like Alice's ex-boyfriend who fell in love with Lorina instead. Blood, like all men in the Country, falls in love with Alice but shows it less. He loves black tea, is Vivaldi's younger brother, and is thought to represent the Mad Hatter. He wears a top hat with roses and slips of paper on it, a white jacket with a green bow, and black pants. He carries a jewel staff. He is the head of the mafia in the Country and is aided by Elliot, Dee, and Dum. Blood rules the Hatter estate, is the rival of Mary Gowland for exposing his name to the entire Country, and tries to strangle Alice. He contemplates killing her at times, but is too intrigued by her to actually kill her. At the end of the Heart game, it is unknown if Alice and Blood are together, but Vivaldi certainly does think that Blood cares for Alice.


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