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Type Castle
Location Underland
Inhabitants The Red Queen
The Knave of Hearts
The Bandersnatch
The Jubjub bird
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Crims is the castle of Iracebeth, the Red Queen. The castle's name is known after her full name, which is "Iracebeth of Crims". The design of the palace is inspired by hearts. The castle lies within a place called Salazen Grum, which is city located in the desert around Crims.

It contains a moat full of the heads of those unfortunate enough to be beheaded by order of the red queen


The inhabitants of Crims are the Red Queen, Knave of Hearts, the Bandersnatch and the Jubjub Bird. There were also the Red Queen's knights who were designed after playing cards. The members of the Red Queen's court have big body parts like their chin, nose, ears, belly, etc. Eventually it is revealed by the  Mad Hatter that they were using prosthetics and pillows.


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