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Disney Universe is a video game released in 2011 by Eurocom.


The game features content from the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. It is the second world the guest will enter after finishing the Pirates world. Optional collectibles are Drink Me Bottles. The world introduces a new bot: the Roto.

Location 1: Wonderland Woods[]

Wonderland Woods is the first location where the guests start. Chess pieces are used as keys. Unlike in the Pirates world, the bots here are dressed as the Red Queen's men. Pocket watches are also required to use magic unlike Triton's Sword in the Pirates world. Party horns act like switches while knives are used as sawing. Candles are required to heat up teapots while spoon catapults are required to destroy teacups. The location also introduces a new bot: the Roto. It is tougher than a Brute. The Roto has three attacks. First, it will spin. Second, it will lunge its ball. Third, it will do a delayed smash. The guest must defeat this new enemy. In the final location, the guest must destroy the Bots in teacups.

Location: Over the Castle Wall[]

Over the Castle Wall is the second location after Wonderland Woods. In Part 1, the guest must cross a river with floating heads and use the Hat Cannons. A Blue Star is also on the area, but the guest must be fast by burning it and letting it land on the painting. In Part 2, the guest gets help from a Bandersnatch after burning the nets. It has two attacks: slam and push. First, the guest must destroy the watch cages and then use them to bring the eyeball back to the Bandersnatch. In Part 3, the guest must put fifteen cards on the table, as he deals with the Red Queen, while dealing with Bots and avoiding lasers and bars on the table.

Location 3: Inside the Red Castle[]

Inside the Red Castle is the final location after Over the Castle Wall. In Level 1, the guest must collect all card symbols by putting them in their slots. In the maze, the guest must avoid the arrows and collect all the card symbols by putting them on the slot while defeating the Bots. In Level 2, the guest begins in the fields by using balls to get symbols and cutting the grass. The Red Queen returns, making the game harder. After the Red Queen gets defeated, the guest is in the final level.

Boss: Jabberwocky[]

The Jabberwocky is the final boss of the Alice world. The Jabberwocky attacks using its claws. After the claws are destroyed, it has a new attack: firing a laser. The guest must jump over it. The guest must also throw bombs at its arm and its head to destroy the beast. After it falls off the castle, an arcade game appears.


In the world, the guest will encounter Bots wearing these costumes:

  • Fodder - Armoured Card
  • Brute - Armoured Card
  • Roto - Armoured Card
  • Bulldog - Bandersnatch
  • Spawner - Armoured Card


  • Alice (Unlocked after completing Inside the Red Castle level once)
  • Mad Hatter (Unlocked after completing Inside the Red Castle level twice)
  • White Rabbit (Unlocked after completing Lower Pride Rock level in the Lion King world once)
  • Red Queen (Unlocked after completing London location twice)
  • Cheshire Cat (Unlocked at the start)
  • Absolem (This costume is only available for the Xbox and PS3 versions.)