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Ever After High was a fashion-doll franchise created by Mattel, influenced by the success of their franchise Monster High. Similarly to Monster High, the story revolved around the children of famous fairy-tale, nursery rhyme and literary characters, including many from the works of Lewis Carroll. The children were divided between the (often blurred) categories of, "Rebel" and, "Royal" where Royals wished to follow predestined paths in recreating their parents' stories (paths which often ended in pain and tragedy), while Rebels wished to create their own stories (possibly upsetting the natural order of the world in the process). Wonderland itself was a notable location within the story and its world, being another realm which is the source of the world's wonder connected by the Well of Wonder; with Wonderland having its own school called Wonderland High.

Alice characters[]


  • Alistair Wonderland: The son of Alice who spends most of the story exploring Wonderland with the White Rabbit's daughter Bunny Blanc. When he gets stuck out of Wonderland he is a Royal, due to wishing to return to Wonderland and explore it.
  • Bunny Blanc: The daughter of the White Rabbit who accompanies Alistair Wonderland whom she has a crush on. Like Alistair, she is a Royal.
  • Courtly Jester: Courtly Jester is the daughter of the Joker playing-card, a sentient card in the Queen of Hearts' court not featured in the original story. She is an antagonist who is a Royal as she wishes to become a Queen of Wonderland.
  • Humphrey Dumpty: A minor egghead student of the school who is son of Humpty Dumpty.
  • Kitty Cheshire: Kitty Cheshire's mother is the Cheshire Cat whom is dismissive and often disappointed of Kitty. Because of this, Kitty frequently tries to cause chaos to make her mother proud, going so far as to side with the Rebels.
  • Lizzie Hearts: Lizzie Hearts is daughter of the Queen of Hearts and wishes to keep up her family legacy as a decapitation-obsessed royal. In secret however she is a sweetheart and has a forbidden romance with Prince Charming's son Daring Charming.
  • Madeline "Maddie" Hatter: Madeline Xylophone Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, a close friend to Rebel leader Raven Queen, and the most prominent Wonderland character featured in the story. She believed everyone should be free, hence being on the side of the Rebels, although Maddie herself never rebelled from her father's fate of being a mad free-spirit obsessed with tea and as a result, effectively acted like a Royal. Her character is treated as expert of Wonderland affairs for the main-cast, and also frequently interacts with the unseen narrator characters.
  • The Red Knight: The adopted son of the Red Queen, who also is used to represent the Red Knight from Through the Looking Glass.
  • The White Knight: The successor of the original White Knight is Darling Charming, the daughter of Prince Charming. She spends much of the story with her identity a secret, hidden behind her white armour but eventually appears in Ever After High as a Rebel and close-friend to Raven Queen. When Snow White's daughter Apple White gets poisoned and can only be awoken by True Love's Kiss, it is Darling and not her brothers who is able to wake her.


Parents/Classic characters[]

  • Bill the Lizard: Bill appears as servant to the White Rabbit.
  • The Caterpillar: The Caterpillar appears as a large and green anthropomorphic caterpillar that is a corrupt judge at Wonderland High.
  • The Cheshire Cat: In this series, the Cheshire Cat is a humanoid cat/woman hybrid obsessed with pranks and chaos. She is a cruel and dismissive mother to her daughter, Kitty.
  • Fish-Footman and Frog Footman: These two appear as the Queen of Hearts' servants.
  • The Jabberwock: The Jabberwock appeared in Ever After High's books.
  • Lord Unicorn: The Unicorn is shown to be a dignified gentleman.
  • The Mad Hatter: The father of Maddie Hatter who alongside his daughter runs the, "Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe" in Book End, the village adjacent to Ever After High.
  • The March Hare: The March Hare is a teacher at Wonderland High where he teaches Teatime 101. He also has a daughter who attends Wonderland High.
  • The Queen of Hearts: One of Wonderland's many queens, and the mother of Lizzie Hearts. While as murderous and mad as her book counterpart, she sincerely cares for her daughter Lizzie. The Queen wound up poisoned by the Evil Queen from Snow White, driving her further into madness to the point she tried to lock Lizzie within their castle.
  • The Red Queen: The Red Queen appears as an antagonist, and is adopted mother of the Red Knight.
  • The Walrus and Carpenter: Walrus and Carpenter are the lunch-men at Wonderland High, serving food made from sea-creatures. The Carpenter is depicted as an anthropomorphic hammer.
  • The White Queen: The White Queen is one of Wonderland's many queens. After the Evil Queen curses Wonderland, she becomes a teacher at Ever After High where she is cruel and has students refer to her as, " Mrs. Her Majesty The White Queen".
  • The White Rabbit: The father of Bunny Blanc, Royal Herald of Wonderland, and timid henchman of Courtly Jester.