A piece I wrote a while ago, fits into the book:

Alice continued her walk through the dreary woods. The trees so twisted and high, rose what seemed like thousands of miles above her, squeezing out almost all of the sunlight. Alice adjusted her golden blonde hair, tying some of the now loose hair back into her blue bow. What will I see next? Alice wondered as she stepped over some orange and square shaped mushrooms. Alice heard one of them make a squeaking noise as she stepped on it. The square-shaped mushroom suddenly dissolved into an orange and goopy puddle. Alice gasped as she gazed into the milky orange waters. The puddle suddenly grew bigger, and Alice felt like she was growing smaller whilst the puddle was growing bigger. Soon she felt as though she was drowning in the thick orange substance. It felt slick and slimy against her skin, and she wondered if she were swimming in honey. Everything around her was a screen of orange, she looked up and then down, and side to side, but all she saw was the orange substance. She was falling through it, but it stuck and clung to her. The blue dress looked as though it were turning purple with a mix of blue and orange. Suddenly, the goop was above her and she was falling through beautiful blue sky. She fell straight through a puffy white cloud, obliterating it as she fell through. Alice looked beneath her and saw a giant green dolphin with great black wings flying through the sky. The dolphin was dripping water as if it was always in water. Alice landed on the creature's back, and she felt the leathery scales of the wings, in contrast to the bright lime green slime of the dolphin creature’s skin. The dolphin was much bigger than her, and Alice knew that the animal did not feel her. 
    The dolphin took a sharp turn, and Alice sniffed the salty water on the creature’s skin before slipping off her sitting spot. Alice desperately clawed at the wet, blubbery skin, but her grasp slipped and she plunged through the sky landing on a soft bed of bones. Alice shrieked and thought Eeeeek! I am sitting on a pile of bones! However, these bones were far from ordinary. They had a soft velvet-like feel, even though they looked hard. They seemed to have little hairs on them, and instead of being regular bones they were shaped as numbers. Alice cuddled against a number 0, and rested her head on a number 9. Alice’s eyes scanned her surroundings as her eyes started to grow heavy. The piles of number bones rose up in every direction as far as the eye could see, the piles were high, like a white, snow-covered mountain. Alice’s eyes started to shut, when she heard footsteps approaching. Alice sat upright, and scanned the bones for the noise. You are a big girl Alice, no need to be afraid. 
    “Hey Rob, what is that creature?” Yelped a dog in surprise when he saw Alice. The creature’s eyes were wide, and he had reared up on his back legs like a prairie dog, and shuffled backwards toward his companion. What a funny little dog. Alice thought as she scanned the dog’s sausage-like body, and swirled spotted markings, like snowflakes and thunderclouds swirled into brown cake batter with just a hint of gray. Beside the dog was a terrible looking being, the one addressed as Rob. The grayish sky above them offered little sunlight, but what did shine through glinted off of the being made of metal. Alice gasped as she knew what she was looking at. “Y-Your an ax!” She stammered at the hatchet. The hatchet seemed to walk by hopping on his handle, and eyes and a mouth grinned at her cartoonishly. His steel, glinting, and gray blade had an evil sharp edge, but when he spoke he was so polite, that it astounded Alice. “I prefer to be called Cleaver Rob, or Rob the Tomahawk myself, but you may call me what you wish. What me and my brother Bob wish to know is who you are?” 
Alice could not help but laugh, “I am Alice and I am just a lost little girl, but now let me ask you something, you are brothers?” The dog seeming to get his courage back walked over to her, still standing upright. Still standing he was only as tall as Alice’s waist. The dog shook her hand and said, “I am Bob the Weiner dog, and yes Rob and myself are the two besets brothers there ever was.” He paused, scratched his head with a back paw, and added sadly, “But not for long.” Rob the hatchet nodded sadly. “Not for long,” echoed Alice, “Why?” The axe hopped over to Alice, and said, “I shalt explain our tale of woe.” The dog nodded and whispered to Alice, “I would not mind if you scratched behind my ears and petted my coat, whilst you listen.” Alice nodded, and although she had always preferred cats to dogs, found herself enjoying stroking the funny little dog’s fur. The Tomahawk cleared his throat comically and began in a more melancholy tone: “We had 6 other dog brother’s Yob, Sob, Cob, Lob, Tob, and Xob. They are all now in a weird forest some way away, taken forever from our home, here on 
this pile of bones. Every Fortfoot, this Giant Skull comes out of the air and takes one of us away, if I refuse to take off the head of one of my siblings. I am but a kind hearted Cleaver, and naturally refused every Fortfoot. Today is the last Fortfoot, before I will be left here, without all my brothers.” 
    Alice looked at the funny pair, “You know, that is terribly sad, why would you not go to the forest and join your brothers.” Bob the dog looked at her as if she was the dumbest person, to which she removed her hand from his coat, “You see over there without these magic bones, we loose our ability to talk as intelligent gentle beings.” Alice was surprised, “How do you know such a thing!” Rob answered, “The giant skull told us himself.” Alice suddenly had an idea, “You said this is the last Fortfoot he will come to you?” The two nodded so she continued, “What if I went in your place?” Before the two could respond, a huge rumbling shook the pile of bones, and they all jumped to their feet. A giant crimson red skull towering above them, wordlessly floated through the air towards them. In place of empty eye sockets, blue fire burned on for ever in the cavity. Alice would have found the beautiful blue fire enchantingly gorgeous had the circumstances been different. When the skull’s mouth opened, Alice glimpsed the forest she had been lost in. The jagged teeth looked dangerous, but Alice gathered her courage and leapt forward. Alice instantly found herself standing in the woods. Alice’s heart was beating fast from the experience, but instead of collapsing in fear, she thought of how she had saved the two brothers. They could now live out their days happily. Alice took one deep breath, and continued down a random path, this time being especially careful not to step on the orange and square shaped mushrooms.

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