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Species Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Hair Color Red
Address Ascot Manor
Occupation(s) Lord
Family Lord Ascot (father)
Lady Ascot (mother)
First appearance Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Portrayer Leo Bill

“It would be best to keep your visons to yourself. When in doubt, remain silent.”

~ Hamish Ascot

Hamish Ascot is a Lord and the son of Lord and Lady Ascot. He is played by the British actor Leo Bill. In the beginning of the 2010 film, the 21 year old Alice finds out from the Chattaway twins that Hamish will soon ask for her hand. Soon after that, Hamish proposes to her under the gazebo. However, as Alice herself says in the end of the film, Hamish is not the right man for her. When she mentiones that she had a sudden vision of all the ladies in trousers and the men wearing dresses, Hamish tells her to keep her visions to herself. But although it is clear that Hamish does not in fact love Alice, he is still sad when she tells him that she will not marry him. In the film Lady Ascot also mentions to Alice that her son has an extremely delicate digestion. He is a minor antagonist of the 2010 film and the tertiary antagonist in it's 2016 sequel.