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Hatter Madigan
General Information
Gender Male
Relationships Queen Genevieve
Other Information
Talent Blade fighting

Hatter Madigan is one of the characters in The Looking Glass Wars, a series written by Frank Beddor. Hatter Madigan is based loosely on The Mad Hatter. In the series, he is the Queen's bodyguard and a leading member of Wonderland's elite security force which is called The Millinery. During Redd's attack on the Palace, Hatter is given one last order by Queen Genevieve: he is to watch over Alyss until she is old enough to rule herself. But their escape from the camp to the Pool of Tears goes awry, and Hatter ends up in Paris while Alyss is in England. Hatter knows nothing of her and searches for her the next thirteen years. Hatter is very skilled when it comes to fighting with blades and uses his hat as as a boomerang. He finally finds Alyss and returns to Wonderland after that, helping her in defeating Redd. Hatter Madigan also has his own comic book series, which is about his search for Alyss.