Lady Long Ears  is a minor character in the 2010 movie and courtier of The Red Queen, played by Lucy Davenport. She disguised herself in large ears to become part of the Red Queen's court.


Lady Long Ears is a court member of the Red Queen along with five others. She played a larger role than the other members of the court after seen spying on Alice (Uum) and The Knave of Hearts together, who was attempting to seduce Alice. However, this didn't work. Lady Long Ears could be seen behind a wall as Alice ran off. She appeared once again as the rest of the court was watching The Mad Hatter fit the Queen in hats, whispering in the Queen's ear about her discovery.

Later on during The Dormouse and the Hatter's execution, The Mad Hatter informs the Red Queen about her court. He rips off Lady Long Eears's ear, shows the Queen, and throws it on the floor. The Lady then tells that the Woman with Large Nose is in disguise as well, the Man with Large Belly joining Long Ears's side.

The Red Queen announces the court's execution, but the courtiers sneak away as the Jubjub Bird is released. Long Ears an the court escape from the balcony, she and the courtiers' fates left unknown.

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