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This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the video game American McGee's Alice, and its companion casebook. The game's characters are generally based on the inhabitants of Lewis Carroll's original novels, but they do not demonstrate the same identities. Many of them are warped incarnations of their conventional selves

Main characters[]


  • Voice: Susie Brann Alice has grown up since her last adventures in Wonderland. She is now an older, matured dark-brown haired young woman with emerald green eyes. At a young age, following her second adventure, she was orphaned when her parents were burned alive in an accidental fire caused by her cat Dinah. Due to her guilt, Alice fell into an insane state, even trying to commit suicide but since she failed to do so, she was sent to the Rutledge Asylum for treatment although she was constantly mistreated by the other patients. One night, the White Rabbit comes to her and tells her she must return to Wonderland to undo the wicked deformities brought on by the dictatorship of the brutal Queen of Hearts. It is revealed later that by overthrowing the Queen of Hearts, Alice will not only save Wonderland, but her own sanity as well. It is later revealed that the Queen of Hearts is actually the dark side of Alice. This is evident when, in the aftermath of her victory, Wonderland and its inhabitants can be seen reverting to their original forms, and Alice leaving the sunny gates of Rutledge Asylum accompanied by her cat Dinah and carrying a packed suitcase. Alice has been confirmed to appear in the game's future sequel, as seen in concept art where she is seen combating a giant mechanized snail on top of a lighthouse.

The Queen of Hearts[]

  • Voice: Anni Long The insane, murderous dictator who rules over Wonderland without mercy, she is feared by all except Alice and the rebels. Her demise has multiple consequences as the story unfolds, first acknowledging only that she must die in order to restore Wonderland, and then that Alice's sanity in reality would be restored by doing so. It isn't revealed until the final battle (although the Cheshire Cat did try to make this clear until he was killed by the Queen) that the Queen of Hearts is actually the embodiment of Alice's insanity, being the very incarnation of Alice's guilt, anger, regression, and all feelings negative, and she clearly wants to keep things the way they are. The Queen of Hearts awaits Alice upon her throne, where her body is revealed to be comprised mainly of tentacles; tentacles for arms, legs, and even hair. In concept art, the Queen's appearance is more close to her original appearance, but she appears to be partially robotic due to visible gears in her mouth. In the casebook, Dr. Wilson describes Alice as refusing to describe the Queen other than her name.The Queen murders the Cheshire Cat prior to her battle with Alice, and in battle, her face slides away as she becomes a telekinetic fighter. After her initial defeat, it is revealed that the Queen is actually a puppet of sorts, for a much larger creature, sucked into the back of her throne by an unseen force, which is revealed to be the true form of the Queen, or Alice's madness in a metaphysical form. Her real form is an abomination, its head containing the head of the Mad Hatter, which contains the head of Alice herself, and one of its hands is the Jabberwock's head. The Queen is ultimately destroyed by Alice, restoring Wonderland to normality.This is achieved mostly through Alice's realization of the fact that the Queen of Hearts is a physical form of her insanity, that they cannot both exist at once, and that it is because she has fallen into insanity that Wonderland, being a creation of her imagination, is in such dire straits. After the Queen's demise, Alice regains her sanity and is seen leaving Rutledge Asylum.The Queen of Hearts is erroneously referred to as the Red Queen on the back of the American McGee's Alice boxart, as well as in the title of her theme on the game's soundtrack ("Battle With the Red Queen"). This mistake however, is not the first time in the franchise's history that the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen have been attributed as the same character.


The White Rabbit[]

  • Voice: Andrew Chaikin The White Rabbit is responsible for returning Alice to Wonderland. He is first seen as Alice's soft toy, then becomes something that looks vaguely like the John Tenniel illustration, only more shriveled and corpse-like. One characteristic of the White Rabbit that has not changed is his constant effort of punctuality, and he still always seems to be two steps ahead of Alice. When Alice is chasing him in the Village of the Doomed, he shrinks and goes through a hole. Alice follows him by shrinking herself with a hand-made potion shortly after. They meet again later in the Wonderland Woods, where he tells her to find Caterpillar. Later, in Wonderland Woods, he is killed by the Mad Hatter after being crushed flat under the Hatter's foot. Like all other characters murdered throughout the story, the White Rabbit is restored when Alice regains her sanity, following the death of the Queen of Hearts. Like a most of the characters at the end of the game, the White Rabbit seems to be the Wonderland equivalent of somebody Alice has become familiar with. In his case he is a mirror of Alice's doctor at Rutledge Asylum.

The Cheshire Cat[]

  • Voice: Roger L. Jackson The Cheshire Cat is Alice's main ally and principal companion in Wonderland. When Alice first sees him she remarks "you've gone quite mangy, cat, but your grin's a comfort." He often speaks in riddles and gives cryptic and sometimes nonsensical advice. He has an emaciated, almost skeletal appearance, wears an earring, and appears to have grinning undergrown incisors. The player can summon the Cheshire Cat at almost any time in the game by pressing a key, but his help is limited to repeating one of his short supply of phrases. He is decapitated, rather ironically, on the Queen of Hearts's orders as he was about to reveal Alice some information regarding the connection between her and the Queen, but, confusingly, can still be summoned afterwards. The Cheshire Cat's equivalent in Rutledge Asylum is a stray cat that Alice's doctor keeps finding sitting in Alice's room whilst she is catatonic.

The Gnome Elder[]

  • Voice: Unknown The Gnome Elder in the Village of the Doomed remains unscathed by the Queen of Hearts' tyranny. Early in Alice's adventure in Wonderland, she must seek the elder in an effort to learn his knowledge of becoming "very small" so that she may continue pursuing the White Rabbit. The elder will agree to help her, but only so long as she can free his companions, and gather the ingredients for a special "drink me" potion. The elder sends Alice through a school of insane children in the Fortress of Doors to obtain the Book of Bizarre Things, from which he can assess what ingredients Alice's potion should be made from. These ingredients will include poppy blooms, mushrooms and a lollipop. With these the elder fabricates a potion for Alice to drink once she reaches the end of the school, allowing her to pursue the White Rabbit to the Vale of Tears.

The Mock Turtle[]

  • Voice: Unknown The Mock Turtle is as tearful as ever, with somewhat of a geeky-sounding voice and briefs under his shell. His shell was taken by the Duchess. Upon meeting with him, Alice finds he has managed to stay on her side of the battle with the Queen of Hearts. The Mock Turtle is running for his life from the The Duchess, as she wants to use him for a pot of mock turtle soup. He is willing to help Alice, first demanding a favor that Alice confiscate his shell from the Duchess. The confrontation with the bloodthirsty Duchess leads to a face off where, in conclusion of her death, Alice is rewarded with a magic turtle shell that allows her to stay submerged in the waters of the Vale of Tears and beyond. The Mock Turtle also guides Alice through the underwater works that bridge the Vale of Tears and the Wonderland Woods.

Bill McGill[]

  • Voice: Unknown Bill McGill remains the same chimney-cleaning lizard (although his appearance now is more chameleon-like) who distressed Alice during her first adventure in Wonderland; he is now seen wearing a toolbelt, cap and waistcoat. Alice meets him outside of his house in the Vale of Tears, his house having been taken over by the Duchess, whom Alice must face in order to retrieve the Mock Turtle's shell. He has a cynical outlook on life and repeatedly asks Alice for brandy. He volunteers to help Alice retrieve the shell, but as soon as the front door of the house opens and sucks Alice inside with a powerful gust of wind, Bill runs away screaming. After the Duchess's death, Bill and the Mock Turtle enter, Bill claiming he will have some leeches clean up the Duchess' corpse.

The Caterpillar[]

  • Voice: Jarion Monroe The Caterpillar assumes a greater significance to Alice during this adventure. As the wisest creature in Wonderland, the White Rabbit leads Alice through the Mushroom Forest and the Vale of Tears in order to meet the Caterpillar, until his death by the Mad Hatter causes Alice to continue the journey alone. The Caterpillar knows how Alice can revert the twisted world Wonderland has become, as well as how to regain her sanity in reality. The Caterpillar is later revealed to be the oracle residing in the Oracle's Grove of Wonderland Woods; this being the moment when he explains that the Queen of Hearts' death is the only remedy for her insanity.

The Gryphon[]

  • Voice: Unknown The Gryphon is a fabulous creature, part lion and part eagle. Despite being the strongest good-willed inhabitant in Wonderland, he was captured by the Queen of Hearts' forces and locked away deep in the Mad Hatter's laboratory. Following the defeat of the Mad Hatter, the Gryphon is rescued and suggests Alice gather more of those willing to fight against the Queen of Hearts. This mission does not result in success, as the tainted state Wonderland is in forces Alice and the Gryphon to face the Queen of Hearts' most deadly soldier, the Jabberwock, alone. Alice does not arrive in time however, and after a head-to-head showdown with the Jabberwock, the Gryphon is mortally wounded, causing Alice to slay the Jabberwock once and for all. After slaying the Jabberwock, Alice heeds the Gryphon's final words before his death thereafter. Like all other characters murdered throughout the story, the Gryphon is restored when Alice regains her sanity, following the death of the Queen of Hearts.

The March Hare[]

  • Voice: Andrew Chaikin The March Hare, along with the Dormouse, has fallen victim to the insane experimentation of the Mad Hatter. He can do little now but lament his predicament and offer Alice some paltry information on how she might be able to confront the Hatter. The March Hare reveals that the Mad Hatter has developed a keen sense of punctuality (much worse than the behavior of the White Rabbit) and that he will certainly not be late to check on his experiments at six o'clock. The March Hare has been heavily experimented on like the Dormouse; his torso and right arm have been replaced with automaton parts, his right leg in a similar state whilst half of his left leg is missing, he is bound to a wall which dunks him repeatedly in tea as a form of torture, a belt with a hook on the end has pulled his bottom lip down, causing him to speak with his lower teeth and gums exposed, and his eyes bulge out of his head.

The Dormouse[]

  • Voice: Roger Jackson Like the March Hare, the Dormouse (just called Dormy) has literally become a lab rat in the Mad Hatter's workshop. Still prone to dozing off, partially because of the Hatter's medicines, the Dormouse seems barely aware of his condition and is shocked repeatedly in order to be kept awake. Indeed, he is seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is no longer enjoying tea with his friends. Alice finds the Dormouse strapped to a dissection table, with his gastrointestinal tract exposed and his legs and tail replaced with robotic parts.

Demented Children[]

Deranged children who appear to have succumbed to the madness that plagues Wonderland. The Insane Children are all identical, bald and shirtless, with crazed expressions on their faces, and wires, clamps and other mechanical devices embedded in their heads. Some are lobotomized with the top of their craniums cut off, showing part of their brains exposed. They quickly change their emotions every few seconds, switching between crying and deranged laughter. They appear in the School, in the Mad Hatter's asylum where they appear to be experimented on and turned into clockwork, steam-powered automatons, and in the Queen of Hearts' labyrinth. The March Hare, the Dormouse and the demented children are symbolic in the diseased Wonderland for the other patients of Rutledge who are (since the asylum is set in the late 1800s) often experimented on and abused by doctors and orderlies.

The White King[]

  • Voice: Unknown The White King rules over the White Castle in the Pale Realm, along with his queen. During Alice's journey through the Pale Realm, she becomes entangled in the eternal conflict between White and Red Kingdoms when she stumbles upon a Red troupe abducting the White Queen. The White King bargains with Alice where, in return for her services the White King would promise a part of the powerful Eyestaff, a requirement to breach an otherwise impenetrable curtain of souls and access Queen of Hearts Land.

The White Queen[]

  • Voice: None The White Queen rules over the White Castle in the Pale Realm, along with her king. During Alice's journey through the Pale Realm, she stumbles upon a Red troupe abducting the White Queen, and is informed that, just as in real chess, the White Queen is a vital piece in the game. Accepting the plea of the White King, Alice is warped to the Red Castle where she battles Red armies. Deep in the castle's walls, she witnesses the execution of the White Queen by guillotine. Alice later tracks down the Red King who oversaw the execution and kills him in an act of resistance of the White Kingdom. Upon the Red King's death, Alice drops the pawn who accompanied her by the White King's request, who immediately transforms into a reincarnation of the queen (a la the promotion rule in chess).

Humpty Dumpty[]

  • Voice: None Humpty Dumpty appears in the section of Wonderland Woods where Alice found the first part of the powerful Eyestaff earlier in the adventure. After her first battle with the Jabberwock, Alice will be transported back to this section of Wonderland Woods. Humpty Dumpty can now be found sitting on a rock, half-broken and smoking a cigar. He clearly remains unrelated to the Queen of Hearts, and while he does not speak to Alice, he benefits her by hinting to a brick protruding from the wall beside him. This brick acts as a switch that opens a secret passageway in the nearby tunnel, which leads to the Blunderbuss, the most powerful single weapon in Wonderland so far. This hint is not direct though, and Humpty Dumpty's only role is merely to draw attention to himself and the area around him where the brick-switch is located.

Hieronymous Q. Wilson[]

  • Voice: None Doctor Hieronymous Q. Wilson is responsible for the treatment of Alice during her time spent at Rutledge Asylum. Though over the years he has achieved a state of closeness with her, Wilson seems to be skeptical of Alice ever regaining her sanity, though the final entry in his casebook (excluding the last verse in Alice's poem) alludes to the possibility of self-gratification that she will spend the rest of her life 'with me'. The casebook includes entries of Wilson's observations of Alice's behavior, as well as several drawings and a poem which is featured in excerpts throughout. The casebook is dated between November 4, 1864 and August 24, 1874, which means Alice was condemned to Rutledge for anywhere over 10 years. Wilson is not shown or mentioned anytime in the game, and is known only through the game's complementary casebook, although you hear him speak to Alice off-screen during a promotional trailer of the game. Through the casebook it becomes clear that Alice relates events and persons in the real world to events in Wonderland. Dr Wilson seems to bear particular resemblance to the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.


The Duchess[]

  • Voice: Anni Long The Duchess is the first primary challenge that Alice faces. When Alice reaches the river in the Vale of Tears, the Mock Turtle reveals that the Duchess has stolen his shell. It isn't until much further downstream that Alice encounters the Duchess hiding from the Queen of Hearts, in Bill McGill's house. Appearing from the chimney, she is an extremely large and ugly aristocrat, wearing a stained apron and wielding a bizarre sort of pepper shaker, from which she shoots lethal black pepper at Alice (presumably belonging to her cook, who was originally described by Lewis Carroll as having put excessive amounts of pepper in her cooking). It appears, however, that the pepper has corrupted the Duchess, as it did in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but to a much greater extent. The Duchess now seems to be a cannibal, as her first lines indicate that Alice would make a nice light snack. After being defeated, she becomes intoxicated with pepper, and her head explodes in a sneezing fit. The Duchess' counterpart in the asylum is a nurse who is attacked by Alice, calling her the Duchess by name.

The Voracious Centipede[]

  • Voice: Unknown The Voracious Centipede is the commander of all insect forces in Wonderland Woods. The Caterpillar sends Alice to the Centipede's sanctum in order to take a bite from the mushroom he is guarding, which is the key to restoring Alice to her original size. The Centipede is a gigantic, apathetic brute with a wound on his underside. He adopts the appearance of a soldier of the German military due to the Pickelhaube he wears. He has thick armor and the ability to summon smaller, multi-legged insects which can leap onto Alice's back and suck out her blood. In concept art, he has a tongue resembling an octopus tentacle.

The Red King[]

  • Voice: Unknown The ruler of the Red Chess pieces in the Pale Kingdom, the Red King captures the White Queen and has her decapitated, so it is easier to destroy the remaining White Pieces. Alice confronts and fights the Red King at the centre of the Red Castle and defeats him. The Red King's strongest weakness seems to be the Ice Wand, which can be used to slow down his movement. After the king's defeat, Alice uses a White Pawn she brought with her to revive the White Queen.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum[]

  • Voices Unknown Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum work for the Mad Hatter, running his asylum in Looking Glass Land, and they are none-too-kind to guests. When Alice encounters them, she is reminded of the orderlies at Rutledge Asylum whose sadistic teasing and lascivious taunts are analogous to the Tweedles. These orderlies were revealed to also be twins, and nephews of the Rutledge superintendent, who often forcefed Alice until she got revenge by stabbing one in the cheek with a spoon. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are dimwitted lunatics capable of melee attacks, using their propeller beanies to fly and drop down on Alice, and the ability to split open and spawn smaller, weaker versions of themselves. It should be noted that the larger Tweedle is Tweedle Dee, and the smaller Tweedle is Tweedle Dum, according to their official collectable figures.

The Mad Hatter[]

  • Voice: Andrew Chaikin The Mad Hatter remains a fanatic of time, but is no longer the tea party-loving hatter that he was during Alice's last visit to Wonderland. He is now a psychopath, literally gone "mad" and obsessed with time and clockworks, and considers himself to be a genius. He invents mechanical devices, often evidently using the bodies of living organisms for the base of his inventions, as he plans to do to all of Wonderland's inhabitants. His victims include the March Hare, the Dormouse, and countless insane children taken from the Hatter's asylum; the Hatter himself is also mostly mechanical. He has built a machine for turning people into machines (the automatons that patrol the asylum and other parts of Wonderland).Like most of the Wonderland creatures, the Mad Hatter's physical appearance has drastically changed. He is now tall, green skinned and wears what looks like a loosened strait jacket, a large gear protruding out of his back. He wields a cane and his hat has changed, being taller and covered in astrological symbols. The Hatter resides in a giant glass clock container, his laboratory and warped version of Rutledge Asylum hidden underneath where the Tweedles and the Hatter's victims lurk.While Alice and the White Rabbit were seeking out the Caterpillar in Wonderland Woods, the Mad Hatter killed the Rabbit, crushing him flat beneath his foot, as Alice and he were a small size at the time. Alice was then kidnapped by the Mad Hatter, who she confronted in his hideout and killed him, his head exploding due to his mechanical body malfunctioning. Though not revealed in the game, the Deadtime Watch Alice discovers after killing the Mad Hatter is a recalibrated version of the White Rabbit's pocketwatch. The Mad Hatter is also presumably responsible for having repaired the Jabberwock by replacing body parts with metal and machinery, having been left drastically disfigured by the Vorpal Blade. The Hatter is referenced to in the casebook of Dr. Wilson, Alice's doctor. The asylum's superintendent is described with similar traits as the Hatter, and his two nephews are orderlies who torment Alice - a reference to the Hatter's henchmen, the Tweedles. He is revived when Alice regains her sanity, apparently regaining his own as well.

The Jabberwock[]

  • Voice: Roger Jackson The Jabberwock is the Queen of Hearts' most dangerous servant and a foe to be reckoned with. His encounter with the Vorpal Blade left him hideously mutilated and weak, so much that parts of his body have been replaced with machinery, presumably engineered by the Mad Hatter (a sketch of the Jabberwock appears in his book, The Technical Marvels of M. Hatter); interestingly, it should be noted that the Jabberwock's head was removed during his first encounter with the Vorpal Blade. Alice encounters him twice during her adventure, once inside the manifestation of her former home in the Land of Fire and Brimstone, wherein the Jabberwock verbally torments Alice, placing her at blame for the fire and the death of her family. He becomes wounded during the battle that ensues, and flees; Alice has claimed an eye of the Jabberwock, the final piece of the Eyestaff. The Gryphon later faces the Jabberwock one-on-one in Queensland, only to be killed. Alice arrives and after a deadly battle, manages to slay the Jabberwock, avenging the defeat of the Gryphon.

Wonderland Creatures[]

It seems that the evil influence of the Queen of Hearts has infected a vast amount of creatures in Wonderland, all of them loyal to the Queen and hellbent on killing Alice and her allies. They appear as a common AI enemies in the game. The corrupted creatures include:

  • Card Guards: The loyal playing card-like soldiers of the Queen, who make up a vast majority of her army. The four different types of card (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs) each have their own distinct weapons, the Hearts being the strongest whilst the Clubs are the weakest. The card guards wear executioner-like clothes.
  • Boojums: Ghastly flying skull-faced banshees who attack with howling screeches. They are described as being damned souls of those who opposed the Queen's rule and died in vain. They seem to attack other people in a need to make them suffer pain as they have.
  • Army Ants: Literal army ants who are dressed in 19th Century military uniforms and wield bayonets. The Army Ants are the main forces of the Voracious Centipede, and patrol the banks around the Vale of Tears. When killed, they spill out green blood which can be harmful towards Alice.
  • Ladybugs: Another corrupted insect, Ladybugs fly around the Vale of Tears and Wonderland Woods, carrying explosive acorns or marbles that resemble huge boulders to the shrunken Alice. It appears that the Ladybugs have become automatons, with robotic limbs and eyes like camera shutters, likely changed by the Mad Hatter.
  • Antlions: Ant-like insects who possess large mandibles and multiple legs, two legs coming out of creature's mouth. They have the ability to burrow underground and attack prey without warning.
  • Blood Roses: Corrupted flowers who appear to despise Alice's appearance and attack her by shooting out red thorns from their petals.
  • Killer Mushrooms: Evil living mushrooms. They can blend in with their environment to resemble ordinary mushrooms, but may then capture prey by inhaling with a powerful gust of wind. They can also spit out poisonous spores.
  • Snarks: Blue and purple scaled fish inspired by The Hunting of the Snark poem by Lewis Carroll. While they do appear to be normal fish, they possess leg-like limbs. Alice first encounters these fish when she is in the Vale of Tears, the Snarks appearing as giants thanks to Alice's miniature size at the time. They can attack Alice if she stays in water for too long, but can also spit at her with venom if she is on land. They have lava-dwelling cousins called Lava Snarks.
  • Phantasmagoria: Monstrous spirits that appear to be made out of hundreds of skeletal ghosts. They can appear out of thin air and can shoot a chain of ice from the main skull-like face of the Phantasmagoria. While they do not damage Alice, they freeze her in place for a time, leaving her vulnerable to attack.
  • Chess Pieces: The Chess Pieces of the Pale Realm are in an endless war until the Queen of Hearts is killed. However, it is only the Red Pieces who pose a threat to Alice; the White Pieces are her allies and even fight on her behalf. The Red Pieces consist of the Red King, the Queen of Hearts (referred to as the Red Queen), Bishops who can fire laser blasts from the staffs they carry, crazed horse-like Knights, muscle-bound Rooks, and small cycloptic Pawns. Alice helps the White Pieces to win the endless chess game against the Red Pieces by defeating the Red King and reviving the decapitated White Queen with a White Pawn. The Red Pieces later participate in the battle for Wonderland against the White Pieces and other allies of Alice, but are likely defeated with the destruction of the Queen of Hearts.
  • Fire Imps: Small red-skinned imp creatures who dwell in fiery areas. They attack with tridents.
  • Lava Men: Large, brutish creatures made of the lava that has flooded most of Wonderland. They will remain dormant unless provoked by Alice, in which case they will climb out of the lava. However they become slower the longer they remain out of the lava and eventually stop moving altogether.
  • Automatons: The automatons patrol the hallways of Looking Glass Land, attacking anyone they do not recognise as an ally. They are the victims of the Mad Hatter's experimentation on the unfortunate residents of his asylum.
  • Nightmare Spiders: Dark spider-like creatures who have faces like that of a china doll. They lurk in places of madness, mainly the asylum area of Looking Glass Land. They attack by leaping down on their victims and biting them, causing them to see hallucinations.
  • The Jabberspawn: The offspring of the Jabberwock. These creatures look distinctinvely different from their father, looking heavily disfigured with large legs and several humps which steam blasts out of. They dwell in the Land of Fire and Brimstone and in the Queen of Hearts Land, and assist their father in fighting Alice.Template:Alice