Type Land
Location Wonderland
Inhabitants The Red Queen
The Knave of Hearts
Appearances Alice in Wonderland (2010) (mentioned)

The Outlands are mysterious, barren lands west of Witzend, beyond a mountain chain. Most people avoid it due to it being a terrible, lonely place. It is uninhabitable: a mostly flat, barren desert landscape with some dense woods here and there that are rumored to be full of huge, terrifying creatures. The deserts of the Outlands are free of rocks, brush, or sticks. Free of anything that could be used to take one's life. Ilosovic Stayne and the former Red Queen were both banished to the Outlands after being defeated by Mirana, the White Queen. Because there was not anything to use to kill himself or her, Stayne begged the White Queen to take off his head, but she did not owe him a kindness. He was also not able to rid himself of Iracebeth, who was furious because of his attempt to murder her.

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