Rev. Robinson Duckworth (4 December 1834 – 20 September 1911) was an Anglican minister and a friend of Carroll's. He accompanied Carroll and the three Liddell sisters on the outing where the original Alice story was told.

Early life

Duckworth was the second son of Robinson Duckworth Sr and his wife Elizabeth. He was first educated at the Royal Institution School in Liverpool, and later attended the University College in Oxford.

In the book

Duckworth himself is represented in the book as the Duck. The Duck is also a play of his last name.

In Flim

In the SyFy channel Orginal two-part mini-series "Alice," the characters Hatter and Charlie the White Knight make an attempt to get past a pair of "Suites" (standing guard at one of the side-entrances to the Hearts Casino) by saying they are the new hypnotist act, under the stage names "Robinson and Duckworth" (Charlie being Robinson and Hatter Duckworth).


Duckworth died in 1911. He was buried in the choir of Westminster Abbey. In the opposite of the Abbey's entrance is a round window which is dedicated in his memory. It was designed by Francis Skeat.

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