The Theme of the Wiki

Shouldnt the theme of the wiki should be more about Alice rather than the 2010 movie?

-> I'm OK with it. I'm fed up of guys who think that Burton's movie is a realy great adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book. NO, IT ISN'T ! Wonderland is not a world like Narnia ! It's just a dream, it's not a world with laws, it's not a world like Oz where lot of men can live, it's just a dream ! You are doing a lot of big mistakes is this Wiki... The Red Queen in the book is NOT the red queen in the movie ! The red queen is a chess piece like the white queen, the red queen in the Burton's movie is a mix between the red queen and the queen of hearts... Alice hasn't got any family name. And if she had one, it'll not "Kingsleigh" but "Liddle" ! There is nothing about her past in the books, don't invente her a family and a story just because Burton did it ! The hatter and the march hare don't REALY appear in the second book... Tenniel protraited two characters like the hatter and the march hare in the second book but Alice don't see them, so they are not realy in the second book... The characters in the book don't have any name, and it's not because Burton give them a name that it is the truth ! The oraculum is an invention by Burton too, just like the stupid dance of the hatter at the end of the movie... Well there is a lot of mistakes like that in this wiki and I'm fed up of it.

If you wanna make a Wiki JUST with the world of the Burton movie, NO PROBLEM ! But don't tell that's a Wiki on Lewis Carroll's book at the index of the Wiki because it's absolutly NOT the same at all !

Adrien, a real fan of Alice. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French). 19:24, July 24, 2012 (UTC)

-> Hello Adrien, I am Waterwecna, the main administrator in this wikia. I do understand you: this wiki definitely has quite a good number of errors. As you yourself know I am sure, Alice in Wonderland is a rather large topic. So Alice in Wonderland wiki should have information on all the most important Alice in Wonderland movies, books and everything else. That would mean that the wiki would have to have thousands of pages, which I hope it will someday. But it won't be just a wiki that focuses on the 2010 movie. I am sad that you feel this way about that movie: I for one really love it and it got me really interested in Alice in Wonderland overall, which is why I also took this wiki under my care. Believe me, it was a lot worse before that!

Anyways... since I haven't read the english versions of the books (I am estonian myself), it is hard for me to notice all the mistakes. So if you notice any, feel free to edit them. I do understand that you have issues with this wiki, but I suggest that you help make it a more accurate site instead of just giving us criticism. I myself am currently more occupied with building up the wiki itself, and since I am currently the only active administrator and also the most active user overall here, I can't really focus on everything myself.

ฬคtєгฬєςภค 21:52, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

Hi Waterwecna, and thanks for answer my comment.

I know that a wiki like this is a big work and I respect you for made it. And I know i could change pages on this Wiki, but if I have to change the wrong page, I must change ALL the pages... The Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, etc... Maybe I'll make it one day but I don't have lot of time... But if you wanna make a CARROLL's ALICE wiki, you have to change the structure of the pages (You made a sort of identity card for all characters, and told that the hatter is a white pawn, the queens are sisters, etc... This is right JUST in the Burton movie, not in the Carroll books... That's why I told you that It'll be more easy to make a TIM BURTON's ALICE Wiki insteed of a CARROLL's Alice Wiki... Tell me what you wanna make before I do something, because I'll "kill" your Burton pages if you want to make a Carroll Alice wiki (and the page would be like the real wikipedia pages from Alice's characters...)

Maybe you could make some "double pages" for the characters. The first page is for the Burton movie "The red queen is the sister of the white one, she's the cards queen, she's evil, etc..." and a Real alice second page "The red queen is a chess piece, she's rude but not evil, etc..."

(OMG It's so hard to explain my opinion in English T_T)

Tell me what you want and if you wanna make a Carroll Wiki, maybe I'll help you.

Adrien. 13:22, July 30, 2012 (UTC)


Could you put on the main page this:? "[[es:Alicia en el País de las Maravillas Wiki]]" to link to the Spanish wiki. --Con Carne ¿Es tu última respuesta? 03:07, March 20, 2010 (UTC)