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The Cage Bird is one of the curious inhabitants of Tulgey Wood that Alice encounters in the Disney 1951 film. Like all of the other weird Tulgey Wood creatures, he has an unusual part on his body, it being the golden cage he has for a stomach. Whenever he swallows something, it travels down his neck and into the cage, trapping the victim inside.

Appearance in the 1951 film

The Cage Bird has a very short appearance in the film. He is shown resting on a tree branch and is accidentally bumped into by Alice. He awakens and two birds that were trapped inside his cage quickly escape. Not wanting to lose his prey, the Cage Bird chases after the two little birds until he traps them in his beak. He swallows the birds down his throat, and they get trapped inside his cage-stomach once more.

The Cage Bird is also seen later when Alice gets lost in the Tulgey Wood and sings a sad song to the Tulgey Wood inhabitants called, "Very Good Advice" as he and the other creatures approach Alice and listen. The Cage Bird and the other creatures are then seen crying for Alice during the song. When Alice breaks down crying afterwards, the Cage Bird and the others slowly disappear. The Cheshire Cat then appears on a tree and shows Alice a way out of the Tulgey Woods, and the Cage Bird isn't seen again throughout the rest of the film.

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