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On this, The Frabjous Day, the Queens, Red and White shall send forth their champions to do battle on their
behalf. It is up for you, the users of this wiki, to determine who will win; and ultimately, who will be ruling all of Underland!


1. You can only vote once!

2. Be sure to leave a message on who you voted for and why. Use the signature (~~~~) as well!

3. Do not leave any inappropriate messages!

4. Write longer comments on the talk page, not here.

5. Leave any suggestions for new battles at the bottom of the page.

the chess board is awsome


Battle #5[]

Knight Chess2KnavehatterKnight Chess

The Knave of Hearts


Ilosovic Stayne, the legendary warrior fighting for the Red Queen! He is her most trusted soldier and very skilled with the sword.

The Mad Hatter


Tarrant Hightopp, a hatter on the side of the White Queen! Besides the sword, he can also use various other objects in battle.

Ruling Champion: The Mad Hatter


Who did you vote for and why?[]


hatter the mad hatter because he is frivolous , mad, crazy and amazing - Tarrant Hightop

I votes for the mad hatter because he reminds me a little of myself we are all a little mad.


I vote for the Mad Hatter beacause he won in the 2010 movie.

I vote for the Mad Hatter because he won in the 2010 movie and he always will have some tricks up his sleeve


I say the Knave ,cuz I love the playing cards


I voted for the Hatter. Cause he will always be the wonderful, crazy, and grinning, hatter.


Choose the next Champion[]

The Mad Hatter is currently the ruling champion of the Chessboard! Who do you think should be his next opponent?

The Dormouse
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The poll was created at 15:21 on August 17, 2012, and so far 79 people voted.
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The Knave of Hearts
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<label for="pollAnswerRadioDD8219706EF1F5C2B17DF315746A62D9"><input type="radio" name="wpPollRadioDD8219706EF1F5C2B17DF315746A62D9" id="wpPollRadioDD8219706EF1F5C2B17DF315746A62D9" value="2" />Vote for the Knave of Hearts as the next opponent </label>

The poll was created at 15:21 on August 17, 2012, and so far 20 people voted.
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The Dodo
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The poll was created at 15:21 on August 17, 2012, and so far 33 people voted.
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Suggestions for new champions[]

queen of hearts            march hare               ❖ Chessboard Archives❖white rabbit