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The Dodo
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General Information
Species Dodo
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Friend(s) Alice
The Duck
The Eaglet
The Lory
Enemies The Red Queen
Behind The Scenes
Portrayed by Bill Thompson (1951)
Peter Bayliss (1999)
Tim Curry (2009)
Michael Gough (2010)

The Dodo is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll's novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


The Dodo is one of the many animals that washes up from the Pool of Tears in Chapter Three. In order to get dry, it proposes that everyone including the Lory, the Eaglet, and the Duck run a Caucus Race where the participants run in patterns of any shape, starting and leaving off whenever they like, so that everyone wins. Alice is called upon to give out some sweets she has as prizes, however this leaves no prize for herself. The Dodo enquires what else she has in her pocket and goes on to present her with a thimble, this being all Alice has left.a dodo bird


  • The Dodo also appears in the 1951 animated film. He is a fat white dodo with a pink face wearing a purple coat with a blue scarf and bears white hair. He also has a sailor's accent. He is seen singing "Sailor's Hornpipe" on a toucan used as a boat while a blue parrot pushes him. There, he finds land to announce a caucus race. Then, he is at the White Rabbit's house to get Alice out of the house. He decides to burn it.
  • In Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, the Dodo's appearance retains the subtle apparent nature from John Tenniel's illustration. He bears a down of brilliant blue and wears a blue coat and white spats along with glasses and a cane. He is one of Alice's good-willed advisers, taking first note of her abilities as the true Alice. He is also one of the oldest inhabitants. His name is Uilleam, and he is portrayed by Michael Gough. He goes with Nivens McTwisp, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and Mallymkun to take Alice to Absolem to decide whether Alice is the real one. He is later captured by the Red Queen's forces. When Alice came to the Red Queen's castle, he was seen at the Red Queen's castle yard as a caddy for the Queen's croquet game. After the Red Queen orders the release of the Jubjub Bird, he is then seen briefly running from it when the Tweedles went to hide from it and escaped. His name may be based on a lecture on William the Conqueror from Chapter Three of the original novel.
  • He also appears in the TV miniseries Alice portrayed by Tim Curry. He is depicted as a human with grey hair and a black vest. He is the lead of the resistance against the Queen's rule. However, he attacks Alice and Hatter as he wants the ring to kill.



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