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“Suit yourself. As long as I can get at your neck.”

~ The Executioner
Alice Executioner Concept by michaelkutsche.jpg
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Executioner
Employer The Red Queen

The Executioner is an assassin working for the Red Queen. He made a brief appearance in the 2010 film, where he was assigned to behead the Mad Hatter. Before executing him, the Executioner wanted to remove his hat, but when the Hatter insisted that he wanted to keep it on, he agreed when as long as he could get at his neck. When he hit his axe, it hit the ground instead of the neck of the Mad Hatter, as it was the Cheshire Cat instead of the Hatter. As the Cheshire Cat floats away with Hatter's hat, the Executioner looks as shocked as other inhabitants of Crims. Soon after that, the Red Queen ordered for her courtiers to be executed. Whether the Executioner actually ended their lives or not is unknown. In the film, the Exectioner uses a heart shaped axe. The Executioner was played by the English actor Jim Carter.


  • In the book by Lewis Caroll, the Executioner is ordered to behead the Chesire cat. He never does, as the cat vanishes before he can do it. In Sir John Tenniel's illustration of him, he is the Knave of Clubs with a mask and an axe. In other depictions by Arthur Rackham and others, he's the Ace of Clubs.
  • The Executioner is absent in the 1951 Disney film; however, he is shown in the Disneyland attraction. However, he is depicted as an anthropomorphic playing card.
  • The Executioner is also shown in the 1995 film by Jetlag Productions. Like in the Disneyland ride, he is depicted as a playing card.