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The Mirror Bird is one of the many strange inhabitants of Tulgey Wood in the Disney 1951 animated film. The Mirror Bird has an odd part on his body, it being the mirror he has for a face. He is a slender bird with pink feathers and a yellow beak.

Appearance in the film

The Mirror Bird has an extremely short appearance in the movie. He is first seen when Alice was trying to find her way back home. The Mirror Bird then flew onto a bough of a tree and smiles at Alice in a friendly manner. As Alice stared into his mirror face in surprise, she then ignores him, saying, "Uh, no, no, please. No more nonsense!" The Mirror Bird is also seen when Alice finds herself lost in the scary Tulgey Wood and sadly sings a song about good advice to the Tulgey Wood creatures as the Mirror Bird and the others approach and listen to Alice. The Mirror Bird and the others are then seen sobbing their hearts out for Alice during the sad song, as if they too felt the pain that Alice was suffering. When Alice loses it and breaks down crying, the Mirror Bird and the others slowly disappear.

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