The Owl
General Information
Species Bird
Behind The Scenes
First appearance Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The Accordion Owl is one of the curious inhabitants of Tulgey Wood that Alice meets in the 1951 film. Like the other inhabitants, he has on unusual part in his body, it being the bellows instead of his neck which enables him to reach his head further.

The accordion owl makes only a brief appearance in the film. He is seen sleeping inside a tree-hole and is awakened by the chirping of the birds that were trapped inside of the Cage Bird that Alice encountered. He then looks at Alice, hoots loudly, and swoops down on Alice, trying to attack her. Luckily, Alice ducks down quickly to avoid being attacked by the owl.

Soon after that, Alice meets other inhabitants of Tulgey Wood, and the Accordion Owl comes out yet again as well as the other creatures during the scene when Alice gets lost and sings a sad song about good advice to the bizarre Tulgey Wood creatures. He and all of the other strange Tulgey Wood creatures sob for Alice during the song, and they all disappear while Alice breaks down crying. After that, Alice sees The Cheshire Cat again who shows her the way into the Queen of Heart's garden and out of Tulgey Wood, and the Accordion Owl isn't seen again throughout the film.


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