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The Train is a vehicle which Alice rides in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.


While on her first two square moves across the chess-board as the White Queen's pawn, Alice appears on the train without ever being depicted as having boarded. Alice appears, illustrated in nice clothing, and in a carriage alongside a goat, a man dressed in a suit made of paper, a gnat the size of a chicken (though Alice does not see it while on the train, only hearing it in her ear), and a passenger next to the gnat whom Alice cannot see though she hears it has a hoarse voice sounding like a horse. None of these passengers save Alice have dramatis personae.

On the train, Alice is harassed by its guard for having not purchased a ticket from the engine-driver or ticket-booth and who stares at Alice next to her in the window using a telescope, then a microscope, and then an opera-glass. The guard describes the smoke of the train alone being one thousand pounds for a puff, prompting Alice to think to herself that she will dream one thousand pounds that night as payment, resulting in the guard leaving but not before telling her that she's headed the wrong way.

When arriving to the fourth-square, the train jumped over a brook causing Alice to latch onto the goat's beard for safety. As Alice touched the beard, she suddenly materialized under a tree on the fourth square with the gnat.

Other appearances[]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Looking Glass Railway

The train is adapted as the Looking Glass Railway, also referred to as Looking Glass Lines, a railway used by Wonderland's inhabitants with the Mock Turtle as stationmaster. The railways were however disassembled by the villainous Dollmaker who tricked the March Hare and Dormouse into taking over the Hatter's domain and industries to create the Infernal Train; a looser adaptation of the train which causes Alice's growing insanity and represents the influence of Alice's evil psychiatrist Dr. Angus Bumby who destroys the minds of his young patients so that he can traffic them on trains as sex-slaves. Alice finds various characters boarding the train before killing her mind's representation of Bumby, the train's engineer, "The Dollmaker", and goes on to kill the real-world Bumby by pushing him in-front of a moving train.