The White Queen's Castle

The White Queen's Castle is where Queen Mirana, her court and army live in Underland, as seen in the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.


The White Queen's castle is a gigantic building that stands in the Marmoreal region of Underland. Its architecture is inspired by the pieces and board of a chess game and it seems to be entirely built of marble. It has a predominant white color, which matches its ruler name and appearance. In its interior, a throne room and a kitchen can be found, and in its exterior, a large garden and a balcony with a view to tall waterfalls.

Queen Mirana rules the castle and live there with her court and her army. Her light and airy castle contrasts the oppressive one her sister, Queen Iracebeth, owns and rules in the Crims. In fact, during the tyrannical reign of the Red Queen, the White Queen's castle served as a refugee site to those who had run away Iracebeth's bloody rule and for those who were fighting to remove her from the command of Underland.

The throne room keeps The Champion's Armour.


Alice in Wonderland

After running away from the Red Queen, Alice Kingsleigh went to the castle and returned back the Vorpal Sword to Queen Mirana, thus completing The Champion's Armour. Alice and the Queen then went to kitchen of the castle, where Mirana prepared Pishalver so Alice was able to return to her normal size. Later, when the Hatter and the others also ran away from the Red Queen, they went to the White Queen's castle to safety.

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