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Time is a cruel master.
No, Time is a thief, and a villain.
~ Alice and her mother describing Time
I used to think time was a thief. But you give before you take. Time is a gift. Every minute. Every second.
~ Alice to Time about her changed opinions about him.

Time is the central antagonist in Alice Through the Looking Glass.


Alice Through the Looking Glass[]

Time is a magical being who sits on a black throne in a castle of eternity. He has one human hand and one mechanical hand and possesses the Chronosphere, a glowing, spinning, metallic sphere inside the chamber of the Grand Clock that powers all time. If removed from the clock, the Chronosphere will allow the person who has taken it to travel the Ocean of Time to the past. Trying to get the Chronosphere back, the lord of Time gets weaker and the only way to restore him is to return it to its rightful place.

At the end after being betrayed by the Red Queen he helps Alice and Tarrant to get back to his place the chronosphere, the mission succeeded and Time who was apparently dead being resurrected when the chronosphere back to his place making all back to normal. Time continuing to rule the time of the world and reconcile with Alice.

During the 2d animated scenes in the end credits of the film, Time is seen drinking tea with Tarrant, who tries to make a joke towards him but fails, resulting in Tarrant laughing happily and Time getting angry.



  • Time in this movie is based on Time who has an argument with the Mad Hatter in the original Alice in Wonderland book.
  • He is quite similar looking to Dr. Nefarious Tropy in the Crash Bandicoot series due to both being masters of time in their respective series.
  • At first, he starts and presented as the film's main villain. However, it is revealed that he is actually the anti-hero.