Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite story since I was three years old. I would love to say it was my favorite book, but at the age of three I still wasn't able to read. My first encounter with the story was through Disney's 1951 animated movie, and since then I've seen the movie about 10 times, and read the book at least 15 times. There is something captivating about a bored young girl who lets her mind wander and plummets into a magical world. Perhaps what has kept me entertained all these years are the changes we see in Alice as the story develops. Whether it is her size, or her logic as she encounters the many characters and situations, Alice must adapt in order to survive in the unpredictable world of Wonderland. It could also be my curiosity about these rich and diverse characters she meets that has added to my fascination with this story. Obviously Lewis Carroll did something right if we are still creating movies about a book that was written in 1865.

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