Tim Burton recruited Colleen Atwood, an Academy Award-winning costume designer, to reinterpret the look of every character —both real and computer animated — for his upcoming 3-D remake of Alice in Wonderland.

Movieline interviewed Colleen about the costume design process for Alice in Wonderland (2010), and she said:

"It was really freeing, because there’s Lewis Carroll’s own drawings, of which there aren’t very many and they’re quite simple. As Alice went through various eras, there’s classic references for them. Because this is so different from what people are going to expect — Alice isn’t a ten-year-old girl, she’s a young woman — there’s a nod to the classical need for that. But once she goes into Wonderland, we took it to another place. The Hatter has a hat and the recognizable elements, but we explored the world of hat makers in London in the period. So we pulled from that for inspiration more than the previous illustrations, and Johnny used that for his character."

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