Wonderland is a place full of madness, mystery, curiousity's, and of course wonder. the most famous characters are,

ALICE: A very curious girl who falls down a rabbit whole while folowing
a white rabbit, she is an out-of-the-box thinker , and enjoys activities 

such as painting roses, drinking tea, and maybe playing a game of croquet.

In wonderland she meets strange cretures, see's exciting things, makes 

freinds and eneymes, partakes in a very strange tea party, rides on a

hat, and slayes the jabber wocky among many other things. Her freinds
include the March Hare , Absolem, the Doormouse, the Chesshire Cat,
the White Queen, the Mad Hatter, and eventually the Bandersnatch.
She is known to be 7-8 in cartoon movie , 19 in live action Tim 

Berton film, and 21 in Alice Through the Looking Glass live action film.

The Mad Hatter(Tarrant Hightop): He is a very Mad, crazy, and unique person who lives in wonderland. He enjoys making hats, teaparty's, and doing the futterwaken. He is traped in time at a tea party untill Alice returns. He also sings songs such as twas brilling, jabberwocky, and twikle twikle little bat. He is always ready for anything rather it be making hats, making alice a dress, sticking the knave with his pin cushin(s), or somehow escaping exacution. He despizes the red queen and often says "down with the bloddy big head." His friends include the Chesshire Cat, March Hare, Doormouse, White Queen, and Alice. He is said to be 1000 years old.

The White Queen(Miwania): She is very proper unless no ones looking. She is the former queen of Underland, and she enjoys making potions in her lab(she can make pishslayer-the DRINK ME potion.) It is against her vows to harm any living creature. She loves her dog/ bloodhound Bayard, and she helps him reunite with his wife and pups. She has not had the crown since Hoverendish day (the day when the Queen Of Hearts killed all but one of the Hightop clan, and took over Underland.) Her sister, and her enemy is the Red Queen who she sentences to the Outlands forever with the Knave. Her friends are all of the wonderland creatures including the Hatter, Chesshire, Bayard, Alice, Absolem, the Hare, and the Doormouse. She now rules peacfully over Underland, and is 560.

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