Type House
Location Wonderland
Inhabitants the White Rabbit
Appearances Alice in Wonderland (1951)

White Rabbit's House is the home of the White Rabbit. The house has two floors and the bedroom is upstairs. The front door has a sign with "W. Rabbit" engraved on it. The house does not appear in the 2010 film, but in the 1999 film it is known as Frederick Rabbit's House. In the 1951 film, Alice eats some cookies, grows in size and gets stuck inside the house, with her hands coming out from the windows of the second floor and her Legs coming out from the doors of the first floor. The 1996 movie Alice Drinks her second Drink to grow big as a giant a giant again, and HER Giant Legs and Arm gets stuck and touches through and in front of furniture and window.


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